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Brunello Cucinelli @ Neiman Marcus

Brunello Cucinelli spring collection was presented in Italy last year during an exceptional moment for  Cucinelli himself. His company celebrated 40 years, and his restoration project in Solomeo was completed.

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Evening With Ken Downing @ NM

I love and was missing attending Neiman Marcus events; they always organize the most enjoyable … Continue reading "Evening With Ken Downing @ NM"

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Stylist Luncheon Fall 2018

Last Wednesday was the South Coast Plaza stylist fall Luncheon. As always the organization was … Continue reading "Stylist Luncheon Fall 2018"

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Viva Manilacaba!

Manilacaba is a mix of Filipino art and Christian Louboutin geniality! Vibrant and beautiful they … Continue reading "Viva Manilacaba!"

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Valentino Stylist Luncheon 2018

Another beautiful event organized by Valentino boutique. This time, it was a get together with … Continue reading “Valentino Stylist Luncheon 2018”

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Spring Stylist Luncheon

Another delightful time with the South Coast Plaza boutique managers, getting insider’s look at the hottest trends for Spring.

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Beijing Is Everything That We Dream Of!

China is a fabulous place to visit. With more than 14000 Km of coastline, desert and mountains this gigantic country has a lot to offer. This was our first family trip to China and nothing better than start with the capital city, Beijing.

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Siji Minfu Restaurant Peking Roast Duck

Served with heye bing, tian Mian Jiang and green onions, the famous slow roasted and succulent duck is something that everyone should try. We tried it, and we loved it!!

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AG Restaurant St Germain

The food is known for being creative and delicious. The location is well known and desired. So what else could I ask for? Nothing! After walking around the Louvre for the whole morning, nothing better that a good restaurant.

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Seasons 52 is a grill and wine bar with seasonal-inspired menu meticulously designed to excite and surprise the palate. At Seasons 52, you will find award-winning international wine in an ambiance that is casual but quite sophisticated.

Our experience over there was one of the best, and this time I enjoyed the company of Ana Arata, Roberta Woods and Alice Costa


Ana  ordered a  Salmon salad which includes organic lettuce, pineapple, mango, jicama, toasted sesame dressing and Certified Organic Salmon


 Roberta  and I enjoyed a delicious  Grilled Steak and Cremini Mushroom flat bread that comes  with fresh spinach and Wisconsin blue cheese.

While Alice ordered : Grilled Garlic Pesto Chicken flat bread with fresh mozzarella cheese, balsamic onions, roasted red peppers, arugula 


And the desserts were fabulous too!!!


I got a  chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse


And the girls opted  for  Key Lime Pie… which was definitely a “grand finale”!!

Images: Dri Ferreira