Adriana Ferreira (Dri) unwittingly traced her future when, as a little girl, she created perfumes, decorated bottles and other items. This beginning made the adult transition into the fashion industry a natural progression of Dri’s unique talents.

Adriana, or Dri, was born and raised in Santos – Saō Paulo and she has obtained a Bachelor’s degree in business and a Master’s degree in Human Resources proving that she is not only creative and inventive, she is also a capable and competent business woman. In United States she began to commercially utilize her one-of-a-kind imagination as a personal shopper which quickly extended to France, Italy and UK. She became well known and respected for her charismatic persona coupled with high energy and her ability to provide quality service for her clients.

During the past 10 years, Adriana has lived in San Diego,becoming an “honorary Californian”. Adriana’s professional awards include the honor of attending a Maison Chanel cocktail as a VIP guest followed by a visit to Coco Chanel apartment/atelier at the well known Rue Cambon 31. Additionally, she has been invited to Chanel fashion shows since 2009. Mrs. Ferreira co-hosted the Cruise collection 2010-2011 presentation in Miami, Florida.

Adriana Ferreira has proven herself to be more than a mere personal shopper; she is a friend to her clients and suppliers. She keeps a limited and exclusive number of clients in order to offer quality personalized services.

Ms. Ferreira’s philosophy reflects that, even when following the most up-to-date trends, every woman deserves to be seen and respected for her uniqueness but, above all, as a woman of the highest caliber.

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