Spring 2019 – Rustic Charm

Brunello Cucinelli spring collection was presented in Italy last year during an exceptional moment for  Cucinelli himself. His company celebrated 40 years, and his restoration project in Solomeo was completed. He restored his town centuries-old sites and surroundings making the place an oasis of vineyards. his passion for the Italian countryside is present in his collection. Rustic Charm is the name of Brunello Cuccinelli spring 2019 collection. It’s simple, harmonious but with a modern edge that enchants us all.

 knowing all that, I could not be more excited with  Neiman Marcus, as they gave me an invitation for an evening enjoying this beautiful collection. the evening was perfect, as we drank Italian wine and ate traditional food that transported us to Salomeo. Rustic charm of the collection presented earthy tones, with creations using linen, hemp, silk, and cotton. The design was very layback but extremely luxurious.

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