When in Beijing you should not miss one of the most delicious dishes, the “Beijing Duck”. We went to Siji Minfu, and we loved it!!
Served with crepe-like “lotus leaf pancakes” (heye bing), sweet noodle sauce (tian Mian Jiang) and green onions, the famous slow roasted and succulent duck is something that everyone should try.
For our delight, a very skilled chef sliced the freshly roast duck for us before serving it. And as far as I can tell this is traditionally done in this way.
According to history, the roast duck can be traced back as early as the Yuan Dynasty (1206-1368). In those days it was among the imperial dishes.
The first roast duck restaurant opened to the general population between 1522 and 1566.
But what makes it so unique? Let me tell you; it is all about the way of roasting it. The walls of the oven are first heated with Sorghum Stalks allowing the duck when placed in the oven to be cooked by the heat that comes from the walls. The result is crisp, tender and incredibly tasty!

“The Chinese culture belongs not only to the Chinese but also to the whole world.” – Jinato Hu

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