Here they come again! And this time around Alexander Wang, Gucci, Chanel, and many more adopted them. Perhaps to defy haters or just to make things practical, the “hands-free bag” has returned from the aches. The return started in 2012, but in modern times, the then called “fanny pack” invaded the fashion world in the 1980s, and had a good run for awhile despite critics.

Today we called them belt bags, but they have been called many things for many people in many places; fanny pack, belly bag, a banana bag, bum bag or even ket bag. This accessory is ancient and initially was a way of keeping your money safe from thieves. In the United States, the first ones to rock a belt bag were native Americans. The buffalo pouch was a way of solving the lack of pockets in indigenous people clothing. The same solution was adopted by Scottish men , as kilts traditionally do not come with pockets. And, just like that, the belt bag has been surviving centuries.

And 2019 will take the belt bag to a whole new level – take a look at “How to wear belt bags by Vogue UK “- they are for sure a better version of the oversized fanny packs from the past. They are better polished and will soon be part of our day by day. They are no longer confined to your waist area, you can carry it across your body or on your shoulder, and there is also a wrist version of it.

There are no limits. Love them or hate them, belt bags will never disappear in the sunset to never be seeing again. It will always keep coming back and it will always keep getting better. Here are some designs to inspire your Spring 2019

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