Here are two in one trend to make you feel adventurous, brave, sexy, and most of all, comfortable. Welcome to the 2019 urban jungle, a beautiful Safari and animal print trend that presents new forms, shapes, and combinations to some old favorites.
The Safari portion of this trend has incredible designs that combine aspects of military uniforms and the typical safari clothing. For me, the most significant appeal of this trend lays first on comfort and empowerment, followed by the elegance associated with greens, beige, khaki, and earth tones. You must agree that comfort and style are more than good reasons for Safari-inspired designs to be a recurrent theme in fashion.
But as I said safari is not the only delight of Spring-Summer 2019. Animal print seems to always be present in the catwalk and our hearts. Dear to many fashion icons, it keeps evolving, surprising, and enchanting, it is a love affair that probably started when men protected themselves from the elements with fur.

Today our love for fur is gone, but we found new ways of bringing the beauty found in nature to our closets, and the animal print rules as strong and sexy as ever. The point is, we have many trends to inspire us and help us to express ourselves.

Animal print and Safari are among my favorites, and I dare to say most popular. So, embrace the spirit of adventure, add some sex appeal, and enjoy every minute of Spring-Summer let your primal instincts free in style.

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