Summertime is here, and beachwear are gorgeous! They are bringing the sexy back one again, and we love it.

One-pieces were very strong last year, and they have not lost their power since then.  Some trends are even recurrent, but it does not mean less attractive or boring.

Yellow by default is the color of Summer, and designers embraced it without fear. Take a look at some terrific pieces we found. But the trend does not stop there! There is animal-print for the ones who love to dare. Retro is in the air, and there are plenty of designs for the nostalgics – from the modest style of the ’50s to the high leg cut of the ’80s.

Florals, stripes, belts, and ruffles are also present this summer and let me tell you; we do love ruffles!! There is no excuse to do not find a swimming suit that will inspire you and make you feel like a diva. Find yours.

Don’t waste your time! The options are many …

There are colors and styles for every taste.

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