Simple dressing is sooo last season, the trend of the moment is to overdress and outshine! Summer is upon us and fall collections are out in the stores, and the dress selection is nothing but perfect for the moment. Sex appeal is the theme of the season and the color pallet is colorful and rich. Designers dedicated the season to women who want to look attractive. They used perfect proportions, unique details, elegant drapes, and some showing off of the skin–embrace the season to look attractive.

The LBD is taking a bit of a rest this time, unless you have some spectacular design, the color message is loud and clear, fuchsia, emerald green and yellow are the favored colors.

There is an abundance of sequins and embellishments for texture and sparkle, and the silhouettes are short, plenty of skin showing with off the shoulder pieces, cutouts & lace-up details.

Our favorite designers have a simple message for us this time—do not be shy!

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