Behold ski lovers, the time has come!! !!
High tech gadgets, sustainable products, and fun looks are all essential this season.
Things are getting better than ever as intelligent technology can now bring safety to winter sports, while concern with the environment is driving consumers to eco-friendly products (from recycled to biodegradable fibers and ski wax). Change is a must, and many brands are leading the way.
Custom boots and skis are also getting space as we  start to opt for long-lasting and personalized products.
And in this spirit the ski trend 2020 comes with designs for all tastes. From popping colors like pink and neon to earthy tones. We are getting environment conscious and as a result, much better.

Take Your Ski Look To New Heights |

From Emporio Armani, Goldbergh, Kjus – with designs in white and silver – to brands like Oakley and their 90’s inspired collection this season will not let you down.  And tor the animal print lovers, don’t worry, the pattern is present in after slope occasions.

The most important thing is to find what better suits your style, and enjoy the season.
Here are some Dri Ferreira favorites:

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