They are delicate, feminine and exquisite, and they are also regular during spring.  Sugar candy shades are a classic probably because of its “light mood” quality. After months of burgundy, black and other darker colors associated with winter we all crave some light hues. So, it is no surprise that pastel shades, once again, among the hottest trends for Spring 2019.

And this year the traditional pastel shade also brought us gold yellow, burnt oranges and bright greens adding energy and spice to this classic trend.  With the addition of these colors, your “ootd” will never be the same.

I believe that its refreshing quality and versatility has been what set these shades apart. Pastels can look great with other pastels, and an absolute delight when paired with neutral colors. So, the time is now, go ahead and bet on the power of the sugar candy shades. I am sure you will dazzle.

Winter is gone! Here comes the light of our elegant days!

And there is much, much more…

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