Fashion has always loved the futuristic look; Spring-Summer 2019 will bring us futuristic, fun and chic looks. The futuristic trend has all its bets on Lame, Sequins, beaded and metallic fabrics, lots and lots of metallic fabrics. Some may call it “aluminum foil” look, but it has endless potential to be elegant, modern, and beautiful.
If a trend does not appeal to you find one that does. We are living in a time when more than ever, we are free to dress as we want and find what suits and represent us. We keep forgetting that fashion is all about making us feel good. Fashion is supposed to work for us and not the other way around. If you do not feel comfortable all dressed in lame from head to toe invest in accessories. The most important is to you just need to play if it and feel good.

And you can keep on shining like a diamond. . .

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