Let’s all think outside the box for a moment! Yes, that is exactly what designers thought about when they designed the skirts for the upcoming season! Outside of the box. Thinking outside the box to these designers means that the classic skirt square shape  is over! Skirts this season have Styles that have mesmerizing prints, enriched with embroideries or studs, unexpected high slits in different shapes and angles, and… ruffles!

When it comes to color and print, definitely pick something that will stand out and be the focus of your outfit. Slits are getting longer and longer so be prepared to show off some leg. Another great way to show off your legs is to have a sheer moment of fun, with styles that are short but covered with a sheer longer fabric, sexy yet chic and perfect for an evening out.

Rushing is making a comeback and short cuts are going to be quite popular and sexy. Short styles are high waist and quite often paired with a belt. However, the quintessential piece of this spring season is ruffles and tons of it. The ruffles are not just reserved for longer silhouettes there are plenty of unexpected short styles fluffed with ruffles. The short ruffled skirt has a bohemian touch while the longer style is more like a Spanish flare.

The structure will be the focal point of your look, so keep your top simple, or match the bottom for an over the top ensemble.

Elevate your wardrobe this season, make a skirt statement!

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