How short can a mini dress go? The truth is, it is up to you! Naturally, we should all aim for elegance rather than distasteful, but we trust your instincts and you should trust that too.

As you may know, way before Mary Quant, greek warriors were already rocking a piece of clothing that pretty much resembles our beloved mini skirt. And by now, Mary Quant mini has been around for more than half a century! Consolidating its appeal and fashion power.

Minis are sexy, young, fun, and energetic, and that is why we love them. They are the type of clothing that can be worn year-round and in different ways. If, for example, you are the type of girl who does not feel comfortable about having your legs “exposed,” it is perfectly fine to go ahead and wear tights as a more informal approach. However, when it comes to a  formal or semi formal event, nylons would be a better option.

So, go ahead and find one that is right for you. Our go today is to inspire you with some mini dresses that will make your next party, event or special occasion even more special. Designers love minis skirts, and Dri Ferreira team loves it too!

How Short Can A Mini Dress Go? |

“Bringings sexy back to our four seasons”

Enjoy it…

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