Do not hold back on all the gleaming and sparkles because this Spring season you should be ready to twinkle! The embellishments are literally from head to toe and as a true fashionista you cannot be afraid to shine.

The season is all about accessories, be playful with the amazing custom jewelry that are not only fashionable but over the top. Extra-large chandeliers earrings and statement necklaces will always be in style, but think about the belts with super fun themes and encrusted buckles, sprinkled with embellishments.

The over-the-top shoe embellishments are not only reserved for party shoes, you can find casual slip-ons & mules adorned with crystals and pearls, and will make any pair really be noticeable. Surprisingly flora and fauna heavily inspire the bags and jewelry—from flowers to leaves, butterflies and several bugs the collections are definitely amusing.

As always you won’t have a hard time finding sequins party dresses, but once again think about pieces that you can incorporate in your daily wardrobe, like studded jackets or embroidered sweaters.

Everything this season seems to be sprinkled with a dash of sparkle and loooots of fun!!

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