It all started during Milan fashion week! Stylish show-goers embraced this color, and literally “set the tone” that we are in love with this season. And the choice could not be better!
Here it is a trend that will bring us creations in one of the most beautiful and meaningful colors, green could not be a better choice for the season. Recent worldwide events require a little bit of green. After all, we all know that each color evokes specific energy and has its meaning. Green is the color of nature. It symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. Green has strong emotional correspondence with safety – and right now, it is all that we want. Dark green is also commonly associated with money!
So, there is no better color to help us recharge, to give us hope that, in the end, we will be safe, and financial stability will return. After all, fashion is about the moment that we are living, the energy we vibrate, and some dosage of psychological support – believe me, clothing does affect people’s behavior.
We picked some great pieces to show you today. Our goal is always to inspire you, but if green is not your “cup of tea,” you can always opt for small details and accessories – or even go for the color that most pleases you, no problem with that. Fashion is about self-expression and feeling good.

But going back to your trend, our goal today is to bring some harmony and freshness to your closet. After all, there could not be a better time to go green in all aspects of our lives. Our closet will thank us, nature will bless us, and spring/summer will be the beginning of a whole new episode in our lives. Fashion has power, you just got to believe in it!

…Green has strong emotional correspondence with safety…

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