The Spring Summer trend message is always clear, take advantage of color and prints. This season however, calls for that, but if you are looking to stand out, learn how to rock the neutral tones! Effortless & chic, neutral hues are easy to match, easy to transition, and easy to style. Hardly can you make a wrong move when it comes to playing with soft tones. However, the season does not require you to play safe, instead it’s telling you to think outside of the box!

The color pallet this season is extraordinary— greys, nudes, and blushes, are getting paired very well together. The subtle tones have a twist this season, the fabrics are more playful, there is more attention to detail, and the possibilities are endless.

The accessories are anything but fabulous. Structured bags, bedazzled shoes… the attention to detail is exceptional, so take advantage of these amazing accessories to stand out.

Allow the sand tones, soft pinks, and neutral colors to take over your wardrobe!

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