This summer season the focus is all in your arms, whether you opt for cutouts, volume, off the shoulder, extra-long or exaggerated sleeves, the point is to make an “Over The Top” point about your TOP. The 80’s are not exactly back on trend, but the overstated sleeves and shoulder certainly are,  so get ready because here comes some new ideas for extravagant sleeves.

These past seasons we have all enjoyed extra cutouts and unexpected skin show-off, and this summer would not be any different—the designers turned up the volume and made it even more playful.

There is a lot of volume around the sleeve areas, and the balloon feature is one of my favorites this season, especially when it’s off the shoulder showing off a little skin. Crispy cotton is usually best to hold up the volume, which is the perfect pairing for the warmer days.

When it comes to the exaggerated sleeves, the structure sometimes requires accompanying a belt, which is another huge trend that is back this season. The belt, along with extravagant volume simply creates that smaller silhouette and hourglass figure that we all love.

Don’t think that the extra attention to the sleeves are meant for  dressy looks only, there are amazing options of fun sleeves for knits, sweatshirts, and casual shirts too— a quick reminder that the street style is a huge trend and so is athletic wear!

Express yourself and have some fun this summer season.

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