The holidays are over but your shopping craze has just started! After all, Resort season is here and we cannot help but be overly excited about the global inspired creativeness that our favorite designers have in store for us.

Wispy fabrics, ruffles for days, radiant colors and prints that are full of life, are what the season is bringing into our lives after a chilly and neutral holiday.

Think of places and spaces like summer in Australia with beautiful prints and light fabrics, or an African safari with hues that are more neutral and leather details, or a Mexican getaway where the colors and textures are so rich, or Morocco with its rich embroidery and beautiful details.

As far as shoes and bags, think about the detail, knots, embroidery over the top and unique. Play along with beautiful jewelry and distinctive sunglasses.

The possibilities are endless and there is no safety nest, you can play along and be extremely creative, after all that is what spring-summer collections are all about.

And there is a lot to choose from…

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