The decades come and go quicker than we can recall, but we can always count on our favorite designers to revive some of our favorite silhouettes and styling tips. This season one of the most daring decades is back–the 80’s!

Bright colors, statement shoulders, sweats, short little numbers, statement shoes and ripped jeans…with these styles in mind you can play along the trend and revive your young fashionista style.

Neon is THE color palate of the 80’s, and yellow seems to be the favored color of the season. Pair it with denim or neutrals for a fresh and chic look. There are tons of options of shoes and bags and that is a great way to introduce the upbeat colors into your repertoire.

Ripped jeans are also a statement from back in the day, whether they  are ripped pants or simply  a jacket; denim will come a long way on your spring wardrobe–versatile and unpretentious.

The 80’s shoe collection has a bit of an edge. You want metallic details, hardcore boots or sexy sandals, both of these are preferably styled with short skirts or dresses; a distinctive 80’s look.

Sweats are really part of every designers collection lately, this spring wouldn’t be any different.

Overall, the 80’s comes and goes and this spring try to think outside of the box and have some fun.

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