They are here, the traditional shades of red, blue, green, with lots of plaids, black, and brown; all colors that come to mind when we think about fall/winter. But what about fun and novelty colors? Why can’t we shine bright day and night? It is time for us to embrace new ideas.

Let’s start by getting rid of the concept that Silver, along with other metallic colors can only be worn at night or for  special occasions. I used to believe that too!
It is time for us to treat silver as a regular color and add it to our everyday wardrobe, that doesn’t mean getting dressed in Silver from head to toe – like a turkey wrapped in aluminum foil ready for Thanksgiving (LOL).

“Doing silver in the right way” will make you look refined, fashionable and ready for any occasion. Let me give an example; if you put together a beautiful, well-tailored silver jacket with a nice pair of jeans, you will feel and be divine, even if you end up in the same room with people in black-tie.
There is no need to limit silver to solid colors, At first, it might  be tricky and scary, but over time you will be rocking  large prints and silver  like no one else!

Can you imagine a Silver pair of pants, paired with a bold printed sweater?  Or that  black head to toe look we all have? Change one of the pieces to silver or go all black with a silver coat, and voila!! one fresh and very modern look is born.

But if you think silver clothing  is not for you, accessorize. There are a lot of beautiful silver accessories waiting for you. Embrace this color and the result will be beauty plus empowerment. So, don’t be afraid of silver I know you can do it. Be courageous, be bold!

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