Although sequins are trending this season, corduroy is looking better than ever and making its presence noticed. Fashionistas everywhere are coming to the streets with the most beautiful looks.

Whether you love it or hate it, it is corduroy time! Here is a fabric that dates back to the 18th century but only became known worldwide in the 20th century, in particular, during the 70’s.  Corduroy appeal has a smart vibe due to its its versatility and practicality.   This “old rag” is here to stay, and becomes better with time.

Corduroy will be everywhere this season. But it is not a simple revival of the 70’s affair.  Fall 2018  is bringing a much better Corduroy.  It is prettier, brighter, provides better comfort,  and you can wear it day and night. While accessories are going to set the casual or sophisticated look, because the options are many and they are so beautiful! If you’re like me and love florals, there are some floral corduroy to die for.

And the corduroy 2018 is also bringing the most comfortable shoes. There are pieces for virtually every taste and different occasions.

So take advantage of the “holiday shopping season” that is right around the corner and go get some amazing jackets, skirts, or pants. Corduroy can not be out of our wardrobe this winter.

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