Winter is coming and with it tones of coats, boots along with the charm that just the fall possesses.
I imagine that If you are like the girls in Dri Ferreira’s team, you might be enjoying the last warm days to the fullest.

Because lets face it, even though we love coats, jackets, and boots, the frantic search for beautiful, comfortable, and warm looks will only start when the cold days are at our doors.

So, to motivate ourselves and all the readers who like us, tend to procrastinate, today we have here some inspiring coats and boots. From boots to jackets, we want to give you ideas and the desire to start planing now. It is time to get ready.

We are living in a time where we have freedom of expression and trends that give us plenty of options. Dark colors are no longer the only acceptable option for the season. White, yellow, prints, there are no limit and we love that.

Get ready to layer up, play with colors, shapes, and, most of all, exude the elegance and charm that has always been in you.

“Go ahead and let yourself be inspired!!”

And the season brings a lot to choose from. . .

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