Spring-Summer never fails! It always brings us the joy of colors, energy, elegance, and 2020 will not be different. The dark and cold days will be soon over, and we must get ready for it.
Designers are presenting enough options to ensure our freedom of expression and individuality. We are living in an era when anything goes, and we love it. Designers are not limiting themselves, and in this way, we have plenty of choices.
This season, among greens and blues, we will find, once again, one of my favorites.
The hot pink is ready to go way beyond 50 shades and capture us all.
From interior design to fashion, 2020 is bringing classic colors, and among them is our favorite pink.
Make a statement with an electric tone of pink, mix it with other colors, or even black.
As we always say, if you prefer neutrals and tints, a small accent or accessory can always put in trend. The most important is to play with it.

Here some ideas to inspire you…

Have fun and enjoy the sun!!

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