Fall is officially upon us, the colors of your wardrobe will get earthier, the layers will start pilling up and what best way to kick off the season with the chicest color of them all. Black on black will suddenly give you that lady-boss look, and immediate confidence. The trick of the season in order to stand out is all about the styling.

Instantly elegant, black was enriched this fall by contrasting textures—leather & fur, silk & jacquard, wool and suede, whatever the combo might be, enhance your outfit with layers of different materials. Also, think about different proportions and even different tones of black. The LBD for example, a classic for a reason—chic & versatile, is still considered a go-to in a woman’s closet. The perfect black motorcycle jacket will just simply go with anything. The most exciting thing about this trend is that these pieces will last you a lifetime.

There is nothing new about the black on black combination, but lately many of our favorite designers are opting to switch the good old gold or silver hardware from bags and shoes and substitute them with black lacquered hardware, not only is extremely versatile, but again, it’s an instant badass look.

Black on black is your go-to fashion trend this fall, so here are 20 fabulous reasons to wear it.

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