When socialite Lala Rudge is going, his “dearest personal shopper” is coming back. “She always tells me what’s more amazing, even before it was released, so I do my orders. Even when something is super hard to find,” he wrote in his fashion blog. “Type the boot chains and mini Chanel [bag] of Hermes Kelly.”

It is with the wiles of Adriana Ferreira, 42, who counts as Lala likes to say to his more than 517,000 followers on Instagram. Santos who lives in San Diego (California) for ten years, Adriana, Dri, introduces himself as “fashion consultant for the elite of Brazil and the United States.”

Rudge family, for example, is known old. “I like for more than seven years when Lala nor had the blog , and her father liked to give her and [sister] Mary Rudge with bags when she came to the U.S.,” says Dri, which in profile (English) website highlights qualities as having had “the honor ” of being a VIP guest of Maison Chanel cocktail.

The task is Dri receive the “wish list” of their clientele and make it come true. She gives parades in London, Paris and New York, sends weekly newsletter with the latest fashion trends and buy unique products firsthand. Dri charges a service fee plus 15% on the value of purchasing one of more than 300 customers who have already attended calculates want the company of “personal shopper” to go shopping, pay $75 an hour.

Brazilian, mostly have flat in American cities like Miami, where deliveries are made.

But you can make life easier for tourists arriving at the hotel with products waiting for you. Scholarships for vitamins, says Lala client. ” I do not like to arrive at my destination and have to keep looking for what I want, I like to enjoy the ride. So she helps me with that part, and I’m quiet for a walk.”

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Originally published in Folha De S. Paulo Newspaper (#1 Newspaper in Brazil)


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