After our three days in Cambodia ( it went by so fast!) we took our flight to Ho Chi Minh City, also knows as Saigon. In Saigon things were even more amazing! There, we started by visiting the Cu Chi Tunnels, located north of Saigon, the tunnels were built during the War with the USA. They go from the Cambodia border to the Saigon River. It was a very impressive sight.

“One of my favorites was the visit to Hôi An and its 16th century architecture”

There were so many things to see, in such short period of time! The Notre dame Cathedral, the Museum of war, rice fields, Mekong River, orchard garden. One of my favorites was the visit to Hôi An and its 16th century architecture influenced by China and Japan.

Hôi An

Hôi An is know for its ancient architecture and canal. Hôi An was a port city and for this reason shows a mix of influences. From the chinese shophouses and temples, to French colonial buildings and Japanese covered bridges. It’s hard to  not fall in  love!


But it was in Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon as we know it that everything started.
Our arrival was very welcoming and our guide took us straight to our hotel. The biggest attraction, the visits to Cu Chi Tunnels, is also a sad one. But Saigon has a lot to offer with a sea of traffic and motorcycles. There, we visited The War Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, and the biggest Market in Vietnam, Ben Thanh Market.

Mekong Delta

This is the “rice basket” of Vietnam. Evergreen scenery in the most fertile land in the country. For me it was a great experience!


There you will find the Imperial Citadel and Forbidden City. Built between 1804 and 1833 it was the administrative Centre of the country from 1802 to 1884.


We started by exploring Hanoi Capital. There we saw the Hochiminh Mausoleum, Presidential Palace and much, much more.


Ma Tra Village is located in Sapa and it is the home for the H’mong and Red Zao. There we enjoyed a beautiful view of the whole valley and interacted with some locals.

Ha Long Bay

At Ha Long Bay we saw thousands of islands that seems to rise from the waters of Ha Long Bay. This is truly a breath taking view

As I said before,  I totally would like to go back again!

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