It was my first time visiting Quebec and Montreal and I want to go back again for sure! Montreal has an European vibe, and it’s a very cultural city. I really want to return one day to experience the highly acclaimed jazz festival, that takes place during the Summer. Another highlight of Montreal is the food, but I will show you more about that in a different post. My ” tale of two cities” – Montreal and Quebec – could be summarized in a lot of fun, beautiful sites, excellent food, and an experience that I will never forget.


Montreal is the largest city in the province of Quebec and the second largest in Canada. Montreal was originally named “City of Mary”, after the Mount Royal.


 From Mount Royal we had a beautiful view of downtown. We took a taxi up to the middle of the mountain, and walked through the Park to get there.  To return we just went down some stairs and “voila”!


Quebec City

The historic neighbourhood of Quebec City, known as Old Quebec, is a UNESCO world heritage site, and it’s divided by the Upper Town and Lower Town.


Chateau Frontenac is hotel that looks like a castle. Elegant and impressive, you should go see it even if you are not a guest.


 The well known restaurant “Lapin Saute” is another place you can’t miss


Stairs that lead us to the lower city where we stayed



Notre Dame Basilica – One of the most impressive churches I have ever seen! It’s a must.

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