From Italy to New York and finally in Rodeo Drive. This past weekend was the turn of Dolce & Gabbana, to show off the entire Fall collection – Once Upon A Time In Sicily –  and some other special pieces. The collection was first exhibited in New York, and you can’t  imagine how astonishing everything was. I am still enchanted by the richness of  the details, colors and exquisite finishing touch of each piece.

The event itself was a delight, at the entrance of the store was a harp player who helped set the” fantasy”mood of the party. There was also a hairdresser decorating your hair like the fairy tale princesses. While upstairs, a make up artist would paint your face adding magic to the event.

I can assure you that, it was completely worth the endless hours that I spend in traffic going and coming back from L.A. 🙂

So let me share some pictures  with you, Take a look …

Once Upon a Time in Sicily... |

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Images: Dri Ferreira

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