After Australia, we flew to New Zealand, yet  another incredible place. While there we had a chance of seeing the historic Maori Land Wars site, we also went  on a tour that showed us the magical glowworms, stalactites, and other limestone formations. The coolest part of the tour was the ride through the subterranean cavern, which is lit up by the lights of thousands of tiny glowworms! Unfortunately the day that we were there the tide was full, therefore we couldn’t go all the way through, but it was worth it anyway! we also went to Agrodome, a organic working farm …and the Te Puia, where we enjoyed a Maori Cultural Performance.

For my kids, the highlight was to visit The Hobbit Movie set. That’s a nice place to go, I’m sure you would enjoy it, even if you’re not that fond of the movie. The Akaroa Harbour cruise has an amazing sea view that you can’t miss, let me show what I’m talking about…


Cave with Thousands Of Tiny Glowworms

driferreiranewzealandfarm1 driferreiranewzealandfarm2 driferreiranewzealandfarm3 driferreiranewzealandfarm4


driferreirahobbitonset driferreirahobbitonset2 driferreirahobbitonset3 driferreirahobbitonset4 driferreirahobbitonset5 driferreirahobbitonset6

Hobbiton Movie Set

driferreiranewzealandboat driferreiranewzealandboat2 driferreiranewzealandboat3

Akaroa Harbour Cruise

driferreiranewzealandmountain4 driferreiranewzealandmountains driferreiranewzealandmountains2 driferreiranewzealandmountains3 driferreiranewzealandmountains5 driferreiranewzealandmountains6 driferreiranewzealandmountains7

There is always  a beautiful place to see…


…I am ready to go back 🙂

Photos: Driferreira and


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