On Tuesday, January 13th, I had the pleasure to meet none other than Carlos Souza, the Worldwide Brand Ambassador for Valentino.  The Valentino store in Beverly Hills hosted his book signing, and it was marvelous! The book, Carlos’s Places, is about his travels and experiences. It shows beautiful cities, and recommendations for cuisines, and destinations. I got mine! Carlos seems to be a exciting and friendly person.  Many of his friends and admirers stopped by to see him, and give their support.  Let me show you…



First, some beautiful things in-store right now…

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And then the party…

Events | Carlos Souza book Signing | Driferreira.com

Kathy Gohari –  Valentino general manager, Carlos and I


The charming Carlos Souza and I  | Maria Cristina, Carlos and I


Lisa Love – Vogue Editor – excited with her acquisition | Lisa Love, Anahi Arata And I


And I met Camilla Belle! She is delightful.

This is my kind of party!

Images : Dri Ferreira

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