Dri & Stefano Galli – D&G; Italy

The Dolce & Gabbana Spring-Summer 2012 collection was inspired by Southern Italy during the 50’s. Fruits and vegetables typical of streets fairs surrounded the runway, with a charmed and absolute elegance.

It was with the same charm and elegance that on Saturday, March 17 on Rodeo Drive, the company hosted an event called Dolce Vita – Dolce & Gabbana.

The store was transformed into an outdoor market, with a charming and extraordinarily delicious decor. I had the pleasure to meet one of the representatives of the firm, the Italian Stefano Galli – VIP Director of Special Events, bringing to this festive event more fun and authenticity.

I wish I had all of you with me, but since it was not possible, I would like to share some of the highlights. It was an enjoyable and downright fun Saturday.

Dri in front of the window Dolce & Gabanna thoroughly transformed for the event

Dri & Loredana Gugliandolo – Dolce&Gabbana;/Italy
Anahi Arata & Model, on the right Collen O’Kane – store manager, Stefano Galli – Dolce & Gabbana Italia & Dri
Dri & Model
Dri & Jose Castro – Dolce & Gabbana L.A

Donald Akin - Visual Merchandise & Dri

Dri  in a “Dolce Vita” scene; inspiration for the Spring-Summer Collection.

On the right Donald Akin – visual merchandise, Anahi Arata & Irma Racitti – visual merchandise
 “Dolce Vita” means  “mangiare” our mothers food… or at least pretend 🙂
** Photos Dri ferreira
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