Located in Beverly Hills and well know by starlets and celebrities, the restaurant  E. Baldi is the place to go for a great dinning experience and last week I had the opportunity of having lunch over there. Their traditional Italian cuisine is fantastic!  The restaurant  is small and can be noisy but the ambiance is great. From our table we could see the chef’s making handmade pasta, among others delicacies …and it was in this setting that we started one more delicious adventure…


 E.baldi might have a small setting but the food is superb and sophisticated !!


Prosciutto and burrata – … to die for! 


  Calamari,  arugula and cherry tomato salad


 Sweet corn agnolotti with mascarpone and truffle butter…


Do I have to say it was… DELICIOUS?!!


Ana ordered Branzino alla griglia; what according to her was definitely amazing!


…  here my traditional Cappuccino 🙂


and last but not least… I had the honor of meeting Chef Edoardo Baldi.

I will definitely go back and  highly recommend it. If you ever find yourself  in Beverly Hills and have the chance to stop by…grab it!!


Imagens: Dri Ferreira

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