I have been traveling around a lot lately, but this time is not about me, but the kids spending time with their grandpa!!! Recently we had a family reunion to celebrate Grandpa Fernando’s birthday, and he could not have picked a better place than Cancun, Mexico.

We celebrated his memorable day at Piaf, a French cuisine restaurant in our resort (more of that coming soon!), and here some moments from this loving family event!!!

image(8)Grandpa Fernando



Birthday cake time and then, presents!!!

image(13)Maria Fernanda, Grandpa Fernando and me after the celebrations

But the fun did not end there…

image(14)Later on, the kids  (Mark, Matthew and Joao Pedro) had a PJ party on Grandpa’s suite!!!

We all had so much fun and I just want to wish Happy Birthday one more time to Grandpa Fernando, and I wish you many more full of health, love and happiness!!!

Images: Dri Ferreira



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