Cairns located in the north of Queensland, Australia. Cairns was found in 1876. Today the tropical climate of the area, made it a popular destination for tourists. It is considered a starting point to the tourists visiting the Great Barrier Reef, and the Far North of  Queensland.

We went to the Great Barrier Reef, which is considered the world largest coral reef . We went by boat with Quicksilver cruises, and it was marvelous! I didn’t take as many pictures as I should and wanted, because we spent the day scuba diving! I was able to see a lot of different species of fish, I especially saw a lot of clown fish, my kids were enchanted by seeing sea turtles face to face!

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From the Great Barrier Reef, our next stop was the Kuranda Rainforest – a famous village located  in the Rainforest . Many artists have made Kuranda Rainforest  their home,  when you go to the   top of  the forest or explore the Falls, you will have the pleasure  of enjoying some arts and crafts along the way. You cannot miss that!

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The  Hartley’s crocodile adventure was not in our plans but as soon as we found out about it , it became a highly anticipated attraction to my husband and kids. We had a lot of fun, I ended up enjoying it much more than I was expecting!!


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Australia | Cairns |


Australia | Cairns |

Australia is so cool!

Images: Dri Ferreira

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