Collections for Spring-Summer 2019 will bring a great variety of prints. And stripes once again are in its full potential. Have you ever wondered why we love stripes so much? Think about it; lines are everywhere in nature, so nothing more natural than being attracted to it. Stripes on clothing have been around for hundreds of years. During the medieval times, it was used for criminals and their uniforms. Over time it was embraced by sailors and even Queen Victoria! There is no doubt that stripes are here to stay, and it will reign forever if depends on fashion designers and fashionistas. Coco Chanel loved it.

If you haven’t seen Altuzarra Resort 2019 yet, you must check it out. His work with stripes is inspiring. But he is not the only one betting on lines; Gucci, Loewe, JW Anderson and many more presented collections with the use of stripes. The options are many, bold stripes, baby stripes, vertical, horizontal, diagonal, mixed with florals and other patterns.

As always, there are options for every taste. If you love stripes like Dri’s team, go head to toe! If you are more conservative get a blouse or a solid t-shirt. It’s always up to you and what makes you feel good. Don’t forget that. You naturally will be able to find accessories with stripes, and if that is enough, we applaud that too!

Spring will be here in a heartbeat, get ready for a “sea” of drop-dead gorgeous patterns along with mix and match ideas that the season will bring. For the ones that are mad about stripes; indulge yourself with many beautiful designs that are already available. From Black and White to colorful baby stripes there will be no shortage of options for the weekend and special occasions. Stripes have been around forever, and that is why it will reign this year and many more  years to come.

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