Southern Charm |

We love to think of Southern women as Scarlet O’Hara. They are  timeless because they are stylish, strong, and charming.  During the civil war, Southern women had to learn how to make their own fabric(homespun). They had to do this because the textile industries belonging to the north, were no longer supplying to the south. By them turning into their own fashion designers, they eventually acquired the style, and the famous southern charm!

Southern women reminds the rest of us ladies of femininity at it’s best. Giving a voice to girly dresses, vintage style prints, accentuated waist, full skirts, fun shoes, and fun accessories! because when it comes to Southern dressing, it is all about an elegant ensemble, and southern girls pull it off. This summer, opt for a southern style to explore the grace and charm of a Southern girl style.

The looks can go beyond the vintage silhouettes of pleated and printed full skirts with an accentuated waist, or the other favorite amongst southerners, Nautical. Explore looks like short A-line dresses, lace pieces and rompers — all of those will pair beautifully with lady-like flats or girly pumps — and you will look adorably sweet like apple pie.


As far as color and prints, pastel and florals are the favorites, but you cannot miss the gingham for the Southern inspiration. Lace is another well-liked fabric choice.

Amongst the many routes you can take to explore this trend, my favorite is how much fun these girls have with their accessories! It goes beyond pearls—it is all about cute shoes and bags and super fun jewelry—tons of it too!


Regardless of your fashion preferences, the southern style is all about fun and looking refined, but most of all it’s ADORABLE!

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