Checkered, plaid, tartan, Prince of Wales or whatever you call it, this is truly the print of fall! And it can be really sexy.

Usually a more masculine and very serious pattern reserved for sweaters, scarves, and mainly coats, checkered have lately had a selection of fun pieces to pick from, in very fun graphics and geometric patterns and distinctions. Think outside the box and try a Gucci gown for a fabulous formal evening, a double-breasted Balmain blazer for an everyday ensemble, or a mini dress that is both sexy and unique for a cocktail party.

The print of the season was reworked in many ways for this fall. You can sport a more masculine look with a matching checkered suit, pair it with patent leather oxford shoes. To contrast, pile up on the jewelry. A tweed jacket is usually a bit more feminine and classic, and to be a little more contemporary I would match with a completely different pattern for your pants. There is an amazing selection of miniskirts to pick from and they look fabulous with over the knee boots.

Pair your cozy and chic sweaters with skinny jeans or leather leggings, and if you don’t want to think too much about a fall outfit, stick with the good  ol’ dress.

The go-to print of fall & winter is still riding high on the fashion world, its always great to reinvent the classics.

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